Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thing 23--Evaluate

Yea--finally through ALL of the 23 Things!  I am glad that I went through it all but I'm not sure that I'd do another similar program.  I think that the amount of time that it took and its exclusive focus on apps were negatives; on the positive side, it did increase my familiarity with social media.  More importantly, I became much more comfortable using our library's iPad, which is the only mobile device that I use.  23 Things didn't convince me that I'm missing a lot by not having a device--I was surprised how many of the apps seemed to not measure up to some of their website equivalents.  A final plus of going through 23 Things was chatting with or working with colleagues who were also doing the program--margueritas are in our future!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Thing 21--Free for All

Through Quixey I discovered that there is an imdb app.  It's one that I would reference if I had a mobile device, as I've come to rely on the imdb website as my movie question source.  Provides comprehensive info on the film plus showtimes in your area.

Since I only use the mobile devices at my library, I don't have other favorites from personal use.  While doing 23 Things, however, I definitely enjoyed the Life magazine app, and I know that I would be referring to the TED talk app often...  Haiku Deck and Magisto would be others that I would like to explore more.

Thing 22--Discovering Apps

Used Appsforfree and found that the Kayak PRO Flights, Hotels & Cars was being offered free.  Seemed like a great choice, as I'm in the middle of planning a fall trip.  However, I found that the app was nowhere near as helpful as TripAdvisor or other websites I've used.  Many of the accommodations that I located through Kayak PRO did not have photos, prices or reviews available. The flights part of the app was equally disappointing--the way that it displays the information is visually confusing.  I much prefer the well-known travel websites or the airlines themselves.  I looked at several days' worth of Appsforfree and the majority of entries were for games; however, I think this would be a site I'd check periodically to see what app "bargains" are out there.

Found the YP Local Search & Gas Prices app through Quixey.  Very convenient downloading the apps thru Quixey and not having to go through the app store.  When I searched for restaurants in the city where I live, YP listed at least one that has been closed for several months, and the reviews were quite random and very few.  A nice feature was that I could link to the menus.  The gas price feature would be very nice to have handy.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thing 20--Games

Would have lots of fun with some of these games, given an iPad and the free time.  Really liked WordCollapse, especially the movie quotes and song lyrics.  Also tried Temple Run but decided that I would never make it past the first round against anyone under 30! 

Thing 19--Hobbies

I explored MyGarden and was not impressed.  There didn't seem to be an option for searching plants, conditions, zones, etc, and the plants themselves weren't even in alphabetical (or any other discernable) order.  There are so many wonderful garden sites on the web that I can't imagine using this app.

Had a much better experience with Spotify.  Was able to locate several artists/songs, and even the First Lady's playlist.  Reminded me of Pandora.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thing 18--Education

Oh, if I had a mobile device, I'd be using many of these education apps!  Especially liked the TED talks one;  it's such a "librarian thing," but is there anything better than listening to several TED talks and FEELING yourself get smarter?!!? 

Ditto those comments on the Life for iPad app.

Didn't have luck locating the Fooducate app, which looked very interesting.  Was disappointed by the Eat This, Not That one, in that it only allowed limited access unless the user is willing to push things out to social media.

I'm not sure that I understood the Khan Academy one.  Lots of interesting topics, but the main impression it left with me is that it didn't present its credentials.  If I had had the time, I would have listened to his TED talk (see above) in its entirety...

Thing 16--Audio

Got stuck on Audioboo; both a colleague and I were unable to register.  Perhaps it's an issue with their site today or the stormy weather?

Much better luck with SoundCloud.  Think it would be such fun for far-away parents, grandparents, etc. to record stories for the children in their lives.  Also searched out several recording artists and see how it would be fun to create something of a "play-list."